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11-00                     GREG RILEY    We bring you Australia’s top psychics and they don’t come with a  better recommendation than winner of the Channel 7 TV programme “THE ONE”. Greg is a great guy with it.   Come and hear about his journey.












12-00                    AMANDA DeWARREN      1,000 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR PET   Amanda is an animal intuitive .. meaning she reads your pets like a book.   Is there something they need to tell you ?   They can talk through Amanda.





13-00                     ELISABETH JENSEN  Elisabeth in a new guise  HOUSE CLEARING FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY   Having trouble selling your  home ?  Perhaps you have residential energies  or unhappy spirits.   This experienced international and multi award winning psychic will be teaching you what you can do to help yourself.  A sort of DYI spirit cleanse. 



14-00                     JAYE SEAL       WANT TO TRY HO’OPONOPONO   It’s a traditional Hawaiian healing practice of conflict resolution and mental cleansing.   Don’t be put off by the fact that the  one administering the treatment is called “the executioner”





15-00                     SARAH   H   YIP    KNOW YOUR LOVER BY THEIR HANDS   This delightful young lady is an accomplished palm reader.   She’ll teach you how to read your lover’s hands by looking for key points like shape .. texture.. and heart lines.




16-00                     KERYN LEE   AWAKENING TO A NEW ERA   A huge shift is taking place across the Planet bringing the opportunity for awakening and deep transformation.  Learn how to work with these energies.   How to let go of the past.  Includes transformative conscious breathing session

17-00                     PINA DiCHIONNO        SOUND .. CRYSTAL AND ENERGY HEALING IN EVERYDAY LIFE  If you’ve been to the Expo before you will have heard the haunting sound of Pina’s crytal bowls.  Now she teaches you how to use them for healing.

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11-00                     PHILIPPE THEBAULT   ND      HOW TO COPE WITH FOOD ALLERGIES  Improve your life with natural medicines.      How to cope with being told to avoid certain foods






12-00                     Psychologist Dr ALEXANDER RYAN & Chef MARIE RYAN    THE DOCTOR AND THE CHEF or  THE LOOOVE DOCTORS.   Learn about forgotten aphrodisiac ingredients that can spice up your “home” life .. from their book   “Love Bites”


13-00                     GERARD BINI     Always interesting .. Gerard is always looking for radiation of some type.    He claims to have discovered an energy being emitted from Earth .. which has suddenly stopped.   What was it .. and Why ?


14-00                     RACHELLE CHARMAN   The Queen of Crystals is the founder of the Academy of Crystal Awakening ..has a new book CRYSTALS.   By taking a step into your heart and learning the healing powers and processes offered by Rachelle the Crystal Kingdom and Mother Earth, you will open to a world of self healing.




15-00                     SCOTT ALCHEMY HARDIE         IS YOUR CHILD COPING WITH THE SOCIAL WORLD?   Bullying, confusion, peer groups, Facebook pressure; these are just some of the complexities facing your children at school and social environments.  Social Pressure from groups may create conflict and negative self-talk, creating a build up to a “Disaster Moment”.    As a Speech Pathologist, Mental Health Clinician and a Behavioural Coach, Scott has the knowledge and experience to help you.  This dynamic workshop will change you and your child’s life.






16-00                     ANIL NAR         Our resident ghost whisperer and intuitive.   Anil packs the workshop so you’d better be early to get a good seat.      If you’ve lost a friend or loved one Anil may have a message for you.






17-00                     KIM McCAUL   DEMYSTIFYING the OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE      We all have the capacity to leave our human body and experience ourselves beyond physical matter.   Learn the basic principles behind this phenomenon  .. and how to achieve the experience.





11-00                     SEAN JAGO     FACE AND BODY READING   'Welcome to the Emotional Revolution with Psychosomatics'. Face and Body reading is part of our subconscious nature. Once the understanding becomes conscious we reconnect with a deep origin of ourselves.


12-00             12-00     AMANDA HALL  SIMPLY TAROT   Don't miss this rare opportunity to participate in a 
                      Mini Tarot Workshop with the Master herself and Best Selling Author Amanda Hall. 
                      Not just a lecture on the tarot, the opportunity to understand the mystery and the magic 
	                 of the tarot will be revealed. With Amanda Hall- Psychic Hall of Fame 2013 . 

13-00                     KERYN LEE     SOUL CONNECTIONS   Through the sacred connection to our soul  can bring forth the deepest love for self possible. Join Keryn Lee for this beautiful conscious breathing session to connect with your soul. Learn more about what your soul is, how to integrate it into your life and how this can bring greater balance and harmony to your life.


14-00                    MASTER KHOR TONG NEE            Master Khor is a world renowned Astro-Palmist.   He blends Astrology with Palmistry.    He is very entertaining as he leads you through detecting health problems and how to match make just by reading palms.



15-00                     AMANDA De WARREN    PROBLEM PETS .. OR DO THEY SEE YOU AS A PROBLEM  ?    Amanda has all the answers.  She’s an animal whisperer who can even talk to pets who have passed over.    An entertaing workshop.

16-00                     SCOTT ALCHEMY HARDIE     FACEBOOK FRIEND .. OR FOE   How do your children and friends handle the pressure of living in a social media world ?   Scott is a mental health clinician and a speech therapist who see and fixes these problems on a daily basis.   Schools don’t seem to be coping but Scott has the answers.  Bring out  your problems.

17-00                     ELISABETH JENSEN     MESSAGES  FROM CATS IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH   Award winning psychic Elisabeth turns her attention to something completely different for her .. she’s a cat intuitive.   Find out how Moggie’s doing in Heaven and ask about your loving cats here .. as well.    (We could keep her busy for a couple of weeks)

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11-00                     SARA  H  YIP     THE NUMBERS QUEEN      MASTER II NUMEROLOGY  Sarah is into numbers like no-one else we know.   Want to know about 11:11 clocks ... Your life purpose from your date of birth.     high vibration 11 .. 22 .. 33 people .. or the 11 energy shift that peaked on 21.12    Sarah's your number one source.

12-00                     GERARD BINI     CONSPIRACY OR FACT      Gerard will be talking about the new 5th dimensional energies that are awakening people and having an effect on their health.  What can you do about them ? and is there a link to these negative energies and the GWEN towers of the US military ? (Ground Wave Emergency Network)


13-00                     Dr RAVI RATAN     CHAKRA HEALING     Dr. Ratan is from India.  He is a clinical aromatherapist  healer and author.  Your chakra can become imbalanced by emotional stress which can effect your physical condition.  He will talk about balancing the chakra by breathwork. Meditation and Mudras or body and finger postures.



14-00                     RACHELLE CHARMAN     Australia’s top crystal guru and author of the new book CRYSTALS: Understand and Connect to the Medicine and Healing of Crystal. Journey with her into her world of crystals .. for energy and healing.







15-00                     ANIL NAR       IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE ?    A spiritual Medium who has amazing talent.   He’ll send a shiver up your spine as he taps into those who have passed over.    He even frightened himself last year with a message from someone who was in transition for only days.  Be early because seats fill fast.


16-00                     Psychologist Dr. ALEXANDER RYAN and his Chef wife  MARIE.    They call themselves  THE LOOOVE DOCTORS   because they heal broken marriages.   They went searching for something to spice up their lives and discovered long forgotten aphrodisiacs which they’ve blended into recipes.  They have 2 books .. “Love Bites” recipes for romance  and “Are you faking it ?”the book every woman should read.

 17-00               PANAYIOTA  Psychic medium .. Spiritual Healer  ANGEL & SPIRITUAL MESSAGES       Panayiota will relay messages            

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